10% Off weboost Promo Code - Discount Code For Cell Booster 2018

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As an friend of RVwithTito, weboost wants to give you a 10% discount on your next RV cell phone booster purchase. There are no strings attached, just passing on a good deal.

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Have you ever arrived at a great campsite only to realize that you have a terrible cell phone signal? If this situation is familiar to you, you're probably considering getting 4G cell phone booster from weboost to help improve your signal. These units are expensive, so I'd like to share this discount offer with you.

I purchased and installed my first weBoost 4G cell phone booster in my RV many years ago. It was the original Drive 4G-X booster. I was amazed the very first time I was able to get a great 4G signal from the middle of the desert. Since then, I've partnered with weboost to test and review their new RV cell phone booster products as they come out.

Now in 2018, weboost cell phone boosters have become essential RV gear for those, like us, who enjoy boondocking in remote areas and still need to stay connected. Having a 4G booster in our RV has been a game changer. It's a great feeling being out in the boonies and watching our 4G signal strength jump up after powering on our weboost booster.

Here are some additional videos and resources to help you get the most out of your weboost booster.