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Drill A Hole In Your RV Roof Without Fear

Let's face it. Drilling a hole in the roof of your RV is terrifying. Some times though, the best route from point A to point B is through a carefully placed hole in your roof. I'll show you the best way to drill a hole in your roof and run cables into your RV.

Photo of drilling a hole in your roof

Best RV Battery Monitoring Systems

Battery monitors

If you rely on batteries to power your RV while boondocking or dry-camping, a battery monitoring system is an essential piece of equipment. Most RVs don't come with one. This article includes my top picks for RV battery monitoring systems in 2018-2019.

With many battery monitoring systems (BMS) out there to choose from, which one should you buy?

RV Covers Made Easy

Leaving your RV exposed to the rain and snow during the winter can lead to roof damage and leaks. So what's the best way to protect your RV and prevent leaks during the winter?

Secret RV Sewer Hose Storage Compartment

Let's be honest, nobody wants to see your nasty sewer hose. Right? So I've come up with a secret hiding place to store your ugly sewer hose. You'll like this project idea, I promise. When complete, you won't see your sewer hose and it won't take up valuable space in your storage bin.

Dumping your black and gray tanks is perhaps the least glamourous task you'll complete as an RV owner. Ninety nine percent of the time, everything goes nice and smooth. Then there's that one percent. Yup, it happens.

How To Remove Eternabond Tape

Here is the easiest and quickest way I’ve found to remove Eternabond tape. You may think Eternabond tape can’t be removed. That’s not true. I’ve done it several times and this way works the best.

What is Eternabond Tape?

Eternabond tape is a popular after market product used by RV, travel trailer, and camper van owners to repair leaks and seal roof openings, roof seams, window seams and storage compartments. The super sticky material bonds with whatever you stick it to and creates a watertight seal.