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Brian is a curious guy who loves learning new things and sharing with others. When not goofing around in front of the camera, he and Melissa enjoy being outdoors and exploring the back roads by RV.


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The Truth About Boondocking In An RV - Why We Love It NOW

I enjoy boondocking in beautiful remote locations without hookups, but it has taken my wife many years to get on board with the idea. We used to primarily go to RV parks, but now we enjoy the freedom and independence of camping almost anywhere without the need for electrical power hookups. This did not happen overnight though. In fact our early dry camping experiences were not fun.

How To Make MC4 Solar PV Cables

When installing solar panels for the first time I purchased pre-assembled Solar PV cable with MC4 connectors. Not knowing exactly how much length I would need, I frequently ended up with cables that were either too short or too long.

Eventually, I started assembling my own MC4 cables cut to exactly the lengths I needed. I wish I had been assembling my own cable from the beginning. I realized how easy it was to create my own MC4 solar cables and now I want to tell you how you can do it.

How To Remove Ugly Decals From Your RV

I have never liked having large RV manufacturer decals on my RV. Besides making your RV look like a mobile billboard, those decals eventually start to crack, fade and peel from the sun. When that happens, they make your RV look terrible and aged.

When the decals on my RV started to peel and crack, I removed them using my wife’s hair dryer and some WD-40. I only wish I would have removed them sooner.

How To Refill Fresh Water Tank While Boondocking

When boondocking (or dry camping) for many days at a time, your fresh water tank on your RV, camper or trailer will get low. Breaking camp to take your RV to get water can be a pain in the butt. Many seasoned RVers carry a portable water container for this reason and use it to fetch fresh water and bring it back to the RV. But a five to 6 gallon water container full of water can weigh 50 to 70 pounds making it difficult to handle. Holding it over your head and pouring it into a funnel can be a very difficult task.

How To Conserve Water While Boondocking

Water, propane and electricity are the essential resources you'll need when remote camping. Of those three, your water supply will be the first to run out. Showering, toilet flushing and dish washing can rapidly drain your water tank if you're not conservation minded. Once out of water, it's usually time to call it quits and find a water spigot.

Here are some water conservation tips: