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Secret RV Sewer Hose Storage Compartment

Nobody wants to see someone else's nasty sewer hose. Right? So I've come up with a secret hiding place to store your my sewer hose and I'll show you how I did it. You'll like this project idea, I promise. When complete, you won't see your sewer hose and it won't take up valuable space in your storage bin.

Dumping your black and gray tanks is perhaps the least glamourous task you'll complete as an RV owner. Ninety nine percent of the time, everything goes nice and smooth. Then there's that one percent. Yup, it happens.

How To Repair An Automatic RV Step

Automatic steps on an RV certainly add convenience and even a cool factor. But automatic RV steps have many moving parts and take a lot of abuse from us constantly stepping on them. Those moving parts eventually wear out and need replacing. I'll show you how easy it is to save money and repair your broken automatic RV steps yourself. I'll explain how automatic RV steps work, how to troubleshoot a problem, and how to replace a broken step motor, gear linkage or controller.

600 Watt DIY Solar System On Our RV

There are no one-size-fits-all RV solar solutions

The solar system I installed works well because it's customized to suit our needs and style of camping. If you are planning to add solar power to your RV, I recommend you learn as much as possible up front. When the time comes to take your RV off-the-grid, you'll be ready to make informed decisions.

Solar Power For Your RV - Is It Worth It?

If you enjoy boondocking for days at a time in sunny locations (like the Southwest), then a permanently installed RV solar system could provide the energy independence you're looking for. However, you won't get a return on your solar investment if you stay primarily in full-hookup RV parks and campgrounds. You might instead keep a portable solar panel kit on-hand for those occasional boondocking or no-hookup situations.

How To Make MC4 Solar PV Cables

Have you considered making your own MC4 solar cables? Let me show you how easy it is.

Why might you consider this over buying pre-assembled solar cables? The bottom line: you'll save you money on larger RV solar installations and get a more professional result. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way by buying and chopping up lots of pre-wired cables.