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Brian is a curious guy who loves learning new things and sharing with others. When not goofing around in front of the camera, he and Melissa enjoy being outdoors and exploring the back roads by RV.


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Add a Wireless Video Surveillance Monitor and Camera

We often drive long distances in our RV and stay overnight in Walmart parking lots, highway rest stops and other places. I can say that in the years we’ve done this, we have yet to encounter any situations where we have felt unsafe in our RV. But for years, I’ve always wanted to install some kind of camera surveillance system that would allow me to see what’s going on outside our door without having to go outside or open a window.

Secure Your RV Storage Compartments - Replace CH751 Locks

Did you know that many RVs, travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers share the same key for their storage compartments? It’s true. You can use your key tp open comparments on other RVs. It is a dirty little secret in the RV industry. In fact, while attending the 2017 Seattle RV Show last month, I looked around at some RVs and saw many of these locks on brand new RVs.

How to Build a Portable Solar Charging System

There are many uses for a portable solar charging system even if you don’t own an RV. For RV owners, its primary use is for charging batteries while boondocking. This portable solar charging setup I put together for my RV, could even be used as your primary source of solar energy. I use it primarily to extend the capability of my existing RV solar array. In the early morning or late afternoon hours the sun is low on the horizon and I can position this panel wherever I need it.

RV Camping In The Off-Season

When winter is not so extreme, we enjoy just getting away in the RV for a long weekend of relaxation to decompress from a busy work week. Just an hour away from our home is beautiful Port Townsend, Washington. Just a hop skip and a jump from Port Townsend are two great coastal State Parks, Fort Flagler and Fort Worden, which are very popular and wonderful to visit year round.

We prefer to visit these spots in the off season when advanced planning is not needed. They are much less crowded at that time and you can usually get a primo spot near the water.

Christmas Trees In The Desert

While in Southern Nevada, we took a scenic drive up to Christmas Tree Pass located just North of Laughlin, Nevada. The road is around 16 miles long and winds through the mountains with scenic views of the valley below. In one area there are several desert trees decorated with Christmas ornaments.

This was a totally unplanned outing that we decided to take as we were out looking for a Starbucks. I didn't even have my video camera with me, so I had to capture the experience on my phone. I hope you enjoy it.