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I recently had the opportunity to try out some new flexible solar modules from Solbian. I was generally impressed with their design and efficiency.

How to Disconnect the Converter Charger Automatically When Using an Inverter

When I installed my 2000 watt inverter in my RV, my goal was to be able to provide power to all of my AC equipment without wiring dedicated outlets that are powered only when the inverter is running. I accomplished this by hooking up my 30 amp shore power cord directly to my inverter. However, when doing this, it is very important that I remember to disconnect (or shut off) my converter/charger first.

Our RV Solar Components

Here is a list of Solar equipment on our RV. These components are the same that you would see used on an off-grid solar cabin or tiny house.

We initially started out with a single solar panel and a PWM charge controller. We have continuously expanded it over the years. Today we have roughly 500 watts of flexible solar panels on the roof, a 45 amp MPPT charge controller and 2000 Watt Pure Sine inverter. Here is a basic diagram of our setup.

Solar component diagram

How to Connect Six Volt Batteries To Create a 12 Volt Battery Bank

Six volt deep cycle batteries are a popular choice for off-grid solar-powered RV, camper, tiny house, van, or marine use. Two six volt batteries wired in series are needed to create a 12 volt battery bank. But what if you want to increase that capacity? Adding more six volt battery pairs is the solution.

In order to maintain the 12 volt battery bank output and gain more capacity, additional pairs of 6 volt batteries should be connected in parallel to existing battery pairs.

Best Cell Signal Booster for your RV - weBoost Drive 4G-X RV (2017)

WeBoost just released a new mobile booster kit for RV owners that features their popular Drive 4G-X booster. They are calling it the Drive 4G-X RV. Having used a weBoost Drive 4G-X booster in the RV for the last two years, I was very interested in trying out the new Drive 4G-X RV package and see how they have tailored it for RV use.