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Remodelling a Class C Motorhome

Is It Time To Update Your RV Interior?

If your RV interior doesn't meet your needs anymore then perhaps it's time to make a change. I'll bet you've got a pretty good idea of what you'd like to change.

How to Connect Six Volt Batteries To Create a 12 Volt Battery Bank

How to connect six volt batteries

To produce a 12 volt output, two 6 volt deep cycle batteries must be wired in series (positive to negative). Each 6 volt battery pair operates as a single 12 volt battery. You can then connect each 6 volt pair in parallel with another pair to create a larger 12, 24 or 48 volt battery bank. This is called a series parallel configuration.

Best RV Battery Monitoring Systems

Battery monitors

If you rely on batteries to power your RV while boondocking or dry-camping, a battery monitoring system is an essential piece of equipment. Most RVs don't come with one. This article includes my top picks for RV battery monitoring systems in 2018-2019.

With many battery monitoring systems (BMS) out there to choose from, which one should you buy?

Drill A Hole In Your RV Roof Without Fear

Let's face it. Drilling a hole in the roof of your RV is terrifying. Some times though, the best route from point A to point B is through a carefully placed hole in your roof. I'll show you the best way to drill a hole in your roof and run cables into your RV.

Photo of drilling a hole in your roof

Solar Power For Your RV - Is It Worth It?

If you enjoy boondocking for days at a time in sunny locations (like the Southwest), then a permanently installed RV solar system could provide the energy independence you're looking for. However, you won't get a return on your solar investment if you stay primarily in full-hookup RV parks and campgrounds. You might instead keep a portable solar panel kit on-hand for those occasional boondocking or no-hookup situations.

Still need answers? Here are answers to common questions and misconceptions new RV owners have about solar.