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How To Refill Fresh Water Tank While Boondocking

When boondocking (or dry camping) for many days at a time, your fresh water tank on your RV, camper or trailer will get low. Breaking camp to take your RV to get water can be a pain in the butt. Many seasoned RVers carry a portable water container for this reason and use it to fetch fresh water and bring it back to the RV. But a five to 6 gallon water container full of water can weigh 50 to 70 pounds making it difficult to handle. Holding it over your head and pouring it into a funnel can be a very difficult task.

How To Conserve Water While Boondocking

Water, propane and electricity are the essential resources you'll need when remote camping. Of those three, your water supply will be the first to run out. Showering, toilet flushing and dish washing can rapidly drain your water tank if you're not conservation minded. Once out of water, it's usually time to call it quits and find a water spigot.

Here are some water conservation tips:

Installing LED Marker, Clearance and Porch Light on RV

The marker clearance lights on my 10 year old RV have incandescent bulbs that need to be replaced periodically. I keep a supply of bulbs on hand for this purpose. For this reason, I decided to replace all of these old marker lights with LED fixtures. Since I have 14 clearance and marker lights on my RV, I did not want to spend a lot of money on expensive lights. I searched Amazon for replacements and found a set of 10 LED replacement bulbs containing five amber and five red lights for under thirty dollars.


I recently had the opportunity to try out some new flexible solar modules from Solbian. I was generally impressed with their design and efficiency.

How to Disconnect the Converter Charger Automatically When Using an Inverter

When I installed my 2000 watt inverter in my RV, my goal was to be able to provide power to all of my AC equipment without wiring dedicated outlets that are powered only when the inverter is running. I accomplished this by hooking up my 30 amp shore power cord directly to my inverter. However, when doing this, it is very important that I remember to disconnect (or shut off) my converter/charger first.