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Brian is a curious guy who loves learning new things and sharing with others. When not goofing around in front of the camera, he and Melissa enjoy being outdoors and exploring the back roads by RV.


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Energizer eZV2000S Portable Inverter Generator Review

In this review I take a look at the eSV2000S Portable Inverter Generator from Energizer.

The eSV2000S generator is one of the more affordable generators in this class and can be purchased on Amazon for just over $500. I was curious to try it out and see what it could do.

How To Repair Automatic RV Step

If your RV step fails to operate, the cause will either be an electrical, wiring, or mechanical problem.

Add USB and AC Power Plugs Where YOU Need Them

The lack of power receptacles is often a complaint we hear from RV owners. Do you have an abundance of electronics that require USB charging? We do. The problem we face is the shortage or complete lack of USB plugs.

The other main gripe we hear a lot has to do with the location of existing AC outlets. Why are AC outlets in such strange and inconvenient locations?

RV Toilet Seal Replacement

There is no need to pay a lot of money to fix the seal on your RV toilet. I’ll show you step-by-step how to do your own RV toilet seal replacement for under $15.

Once your RV toilet seal leaks it’s simply a matter of time before you’ll have to replace it. Replacing the seal is easier than you think.

Secret RV Sewer Hose Storage Compartment

One of our least beloved tasks as RV owners is to periodically empty the storage tanks when they get full. This commonly called "Dumping". As an extra bonus, we must also must carry around an unsightly and sometimes smelly sewer hose used for this one and only task.