2014 Seattle RV Show with a Seahawks Vibe

You'll never know what you'll find at your local RV show. This year it was a new breed of smaller Class A motorhomes like the AXIS and APEX. Join me as I check those out and more in this RV show visit.

How to Monitor Battery Usage with a Trimetric Battery Monitor

While camping without power hookups, it is very important to closely monitor how much power you are drawing from your batteries and how much reserve power remains. I installed a TriMetric Battery Monitor in my RV to give me real time accurate measurements from my battery bank. In this video I'll walk you through the features and tell you all about it.

How Much Battery Capacity Do You Need?

When preparing your RV for boondocking, it becomes important to have your battery bank adequately sized for your needs. Here are some techniques for calculating your battery power need.