10% Off SUNPOWER Flexible Solar Panel - 2019 Promo Code at SunPoweredYachts.com

Get 10% Off SUNPOWER Flexible Solar Panels at SunPoweredYachts.com

SunPoweredYachts 10 percent off discount code RVWITHTITO

Sun Powered Yachts wants to give you a 10% discount on SUNPOWER E-Flex Solar Panels.

Enter discount code "RVWITHTITO" at SunPoweredYachts.com for 10% OFF

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NOTE: This discount only applies to SUNPOWER solar panels listed on SunPoweredYachts.com. It does not apply to other products listed in their store.

SUNPOWER flexible solar panels come in 110 Watt and 170 Watt sizes and are currently one of the best flexible solar panels for your RV, camper van or sailboat.

SunPoweredYachts 10 percent off discount code RVWITHTITO

These panels are not widely distributed. So I've partnered with one of SUNPOWER's top US-based E-Flex solar panel distributors SunPoweredYachts.com and arranged a 10% discount for you. All you have to do is enter the "RVWITHTITO" discount code at checkout on their website.

Why did I switch to SUNPOWER flexible solar panels on my RV?

  1. SUNPOWER branded flexible solar panels have PRIME grade SUNPOWER Maxeon solar cells which produce more power than any other flexible solar panel of the same size
  2. SUNPOWER Solar panels are backed by SUNPOWER who is based in the United States and one of the top solar power companies in the world
  3. SUNPOWER also makes the PRIME grade Maxeon solar cells inside these solar panels so I know what I'm getting

I'm currently using both the 110 watt and 170 watt SUNPOWER E-Flex panels on my RV and they are really cranking out power. The 110 watt SUNPOWER flexible solar panels are the same size as a typical 100 watt flexible solar panel but provide more power using the same number of cells. The same is true for the 170 watt flexible solar panel.

SunPoweredYachts 10 percent off discount code RVWITHTITO

Both of my 110W and 170W solar panels exceed their rated output in full-sun.

I've tried several flexible solar panels and these are the best I've tested. Here's a comparison test I published on my YouTube channel that compares the SUNPOWER 110W flexible solar panels with popular 100 watt solar panels. You can watch the video here on YouTube.