We are glad to recommend the products and services of these companies because we use them too. We hope you consider supporting them as well. 

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Amazon is our primary source for materials used in virtually all of my DIY projects. I often get ideas simply from browsing for components on Amazon. Of course, the convenience of Amazon Prime two day shipping is difficult to beat. Simply by using this link, you can help support our efforts. There is no additional cost to you. Our very own Amazon featured products page also has a list products we frequently recommend.


For years we have been using weBoost mobile signal boosters in our RV to stay connected on the road. In fact, our weBoost signal booster is probably the one piece of RV electronics that we rely on the most, especially while in remote areas. On numerous occasions, we have been able to get a strong boosted 4G signal in areas where no usable signal was found. WeBoost is the leading provider of mobile signal boosters in the country and we are glad to be using their products.


When we are not traveling by RV, we use AirBnB to find vacation rental homes and condominiums. It is easy to find accommodations on AirBnB, and rates are generally less expensive than nearby hotels. Use this link to get $40 off of your first stay on AirBnB