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Smart Power Converter/Charger Upgrade

I recently upgraded the stock converter/charger in my RV with a smarter unit. Older units like mine have a poor charging circuit and it was time to go. Swapping out the old with the new unit was as simple as unscrewing a few screws and moving some wires. 

The two main problems with the older charger/controller units are:

  • They do not supply sufficient charge voltage during charging which may tripply the charge time or prevent your batteries from reaching a full charge 
  • When your batteries are fully charged, they keep pushing higher voltage into the batteries which causes overcharging and can significanltly reduce your battery lifespan.

For these reasons, I decided to upgrade to a smart 4 stage converter/charger.

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The primary advantage of the new unit is the smart battery charging feature. When the batteries are low, the charger kicks into bulk charge mode (around 14.4 volts) and gradually decreases the voltage as the battery reaches a full charge. When connected to shore power, my batteries now reach a full charge within 2-3 hours as opposed to 8-10 hours. When my batteries are at full charge, the converter/charger supplies just enough power (13.2 volts) to maintain the battery without over charging.

The Progressive Dynamics Smart Converter/Charger is designed specifically to replace older stock units such as my Paralax unit. The installation was a breeze. Check out my video.