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The best way I’ve found to keep my RV looking good year after year is to keep it covered when not in use. I do not have an RV garage or covered parking area for my RV so I use an RV Cover. Working with a large RV Cover certainly has its challenges though. They are big, bulky and heavy to work with.

Here are some tips to make working with an RV cover a little easier.

#1 Don’t Cover a Dirty RV

When you uncover your RV to prepare for a trip, it is always better to find a nice clean RV underneath. This is why I recommend giving your RV a quick wash before covering it up. Trust me, it’s worth it.

#2 Don’t Break Your Back - Start on the Ground

Hoisting the RV cover up on the roof in its storage bag can be challenging, especially if you are not physically able to do so. There is an easier way. I recommend unpacking the RV cover on the ground next to your RV first with the front of the cover positioned near the front of your RV. Then connect one of the long straps that came with your cover to one of the clips and walk it up to the roof. While on the roof, use the strap to pull the RV cover up to the roof a section at a time. When the entire cover is on the roof, you can simply drop the sides and button it up.

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When it is time to remove the cover, simply reverse the process. Unclip the straps holding the cover onto your RV and gradually lower it back onto the ground. Once on the ground, you can roll it up and store it.

#3 How To Store Your RV Cover the EASY Way

Storing the RV cover back into its protective bag has always been one of the most frustrating things to do. When you get your new RV Cover, it comes folded perfectly and packed tightly in a nice little storage bag. However, once you’ve removed it and used it, folding the cover back up perfectly and packing it into that storage bag is extremely difficult. Frankly, I think it’s a waste of time so I’ve come up with a better approach.

Purchase a large plastic garbage can with wheels on it from your local home store. With your cover on the ground, fold it up as much as you need to, then stuff it in the can. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Put the extra straps and stuff that came with the cover in there too. Put the lid on the can and roll it away until the next time you need it.

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When Selecting an RV Cover Heavy Duty Is Better

When selecting an RV cover, I recommend going with a very heavy duty cover that will withstand the sun, rain and snow for as many years as possible. They will generally cost more but last years longer than the cheaper and extremely light weight covers.

The RV cover on my RV has held up for a couple years now through cold winter as well as hot summer days with no visible wear. Cheaper covers I’ve used have had to be replaced after a single year.

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