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Installing LED Marker, Clearance and Porch Light on RV

The marker clearance lights on my 10 year old RV have incandescent bulbs that need to be replaced periodically. I keep a supply of bulbs on hand for this purpose. For this reason, I decided to replace all of these old marker lights with LED fixtures. Since I have 14 clearance and marker lights on my RV, I did not want to spend a lot of money on expensive lights. I searched Amazon for replacements and found a set of 10 LED replacement bulbs containing five amber and five red lights for under thirty dollars. I ordered them plus 4 additional fixtures. My total order came to around 45 dollars for all 14 LED marker lights.

I also wanted to replace my incandescent porch light with a lower power LED porch light. I found a replacement porch light on Amazon with a built-in motion sensor feature for around sixty dollar. The reviews were good so I picked up one of those as well.

The plastic lenses on both types of lights tend to crack from exposure to the elements and need to be replaced periodically. When they crack moisture can get into the fixture and into the wall of your RV, camper, trailer or van. For this reason, I installed the lights with a better weatherproof seal.

Here are some things you’ll need

Here are the steps I took to install the LED marker lights and porch light:

  1. Make sure the lights are turned off
  2. Remove the lense and remove the two screws securing the light
  3. Pry the old fixture away from the wall of the RV. TIP: Applying heating the sealant/caulk around the old fixture makes it easier to remove
  4. Remove any existing sealant using a scraper, a towel and some WD-40 or mineral spirits
  5. Cut the two wires connecting the light fixture and remove the old fixture
  6. Strip the ends of the wires
  7. Attach the positive and negative wires to the new fixture using wire connectors. Note: The black wire on these fixtures is the positive wire and the white wire is the negative ground wire.
  8. Wrap the wire connectors with electrical tape to ensure they stay connected and weatherproof when pushed back into the wall
    9, Cut a piece of weather proof tape (like Eternabond) to fit over the main opening and the screw holes
    10, Apply the tape so the wires come out the bottom to prevent any water from entering the wall if the light fixture leaks
  9. Screw the new LED fixture back on screwing through the tape
  10. Apply a bead of silicon sealant around the edges
  11. Attach the lense and you are done

I repeated these steps for all 14 LED marker lights and the LED porch light.

This was a pretty simple project, but there were many lights to do. The hardest part for me was removing old sealant left over from the original light. But after 5 or 6 lights, it gets easier.

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