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How To Make MC4 Solar PV Cables

When installing solar panels for the first time I purchased pre-assembled Solar PV cable with MC4 connectors. Not knowing exactly how much length I would need, I frequently ended up with cables that were either too short or too long.

Eventually, I started assembling my own MC4 cables cut to exactly the lengths I needed. I wish I had been assembling my own cable from the beginning. I realized how easy it was to create my own MC4 solar cables and now I want to tell you how you can do it.

Tools and Materials You Will Need

To assemble your own MC4 solar cables you will need:

Step-By-Step Instructions for Assembling MC4 Connectors

  1. Measure and cut the cable to the necessary length
  2. Strip roughly ½ inch of shielding from the ends of the cable
  3. Place the open end of the metallic conductor of the MC4 connector in the crimper
  4. Insert one end of the cable into the connector and squeeze the crimper all the way
  5. Disassemble the MC4 connector and slide the weather sealed end over the crimped end
  6. Slide the remaining piece of the connector over the conductor until it snaps into place
  7. Slide the weather sealed end up and screw it to the other end using an MC4 assembly tool if needed
  8. Repeat the same process for the other end of the cable



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