RV Remodel - Phase One (The Plan)

Are you looking to change your RV layout?

Have you outgrown your layout or just don't like it for some reason. Well, if you've owned your RV for many years like we have, then you've probably got a good idea of what you'd like to change.

Original Layout

If your RV layout isn't working for you anymore, don't sell it. Change it. If your RV has good bones, consider changing the layout yourself instead of buying a new RV.

With basic DIY skills, you can save money doing your own interior makeover. You'll probably end up with something special that really suits your needs.

This is PHASE ONE of our renovation. Keep checking back for updates that I'll be adding throughout the project.

Time for a change

It was definitely time for Melissa and I to make a change. Our RV has seen a lot in the 11 years we’ve owned it. Having spent many years making memories with our kids, we're now empty nesters and need a space that suits just the two of us.

So it's finally time to pull the trigger and get started. In this video I remove everything and show you what we've got planned.


Starting over with a clean slate

Blank Slate - After furniture was removed

I started by removing the dinette, sofa, blinds, valances and eventually the worn carpet in our main living area. With everything removed, I could see how much space I had to work with. I must say, it was so roomy with everything gone. We actually have quite a bit of space to transform into something more functional.

Converting Sleeping Space to Usable Space

We don’t need the extra sleeping areas anymore. Having extra beds was necessary when traveling with two kids and their friends. These days it’s just the two of us and we just want a comfortable place to relax and work.

This was also an opportunity to address those issues that have bugged us for years. Having no place to put our dirty shoes was a big one. We work quite a bit while on the road but have never had a good workspace besides the dinette. Everything needed to double as a bed. Not anymore.

Adding a Custom Desk / Table / TV Cabinet / Shoe Rack

TV Cabinet / Desk Design

I'm designing a versatile piece of furniture to go where the sofa was. It will have these features:

  • Collapse while on driving
  • Expand as a desk and workspace
  • Expand to a dining table
  • Include a hidden TV with automatic TV lift
  • And Include a shoe rack

This is a work in progress and I'll share more when I start building it. So keep checking back.

Adding Comfortable Seating

We spend most of our time at the dinette talking, eating, and hanging out. Having a spot in the RV to really get comfortable and drift off to sleep while watching a movie was our goal. The dinette was not that kind of spot.

Instead of buying or building a custom sofa, we decided to get his/hers comfortable recliners and install them where the dinette was.

Here are the recliners we'll be installing from RecPro. They've got all of the bells and whistles like automatic controls, temperature controlled cup holders and USB charging ports. Pretty fancy.

They will need 120 volt AC power, so I'll need to get that wired up before installing them.

Use this link to get a 5% discount at RecPro.com.

Converting Over Cab Bunk to Shelves and Cabinets

The sleeping area over the cab is pretty large. That was spot the kids always fought over. So the agreement was that they would alternate nights up there. Those days are over and now we throw things up there while on the road. Some nice cabinets and shelves would be a nice upgrade.

Some nice storage cabinets will make up for the storage lost under the sofa and dinette. There's no urgency on that though. So I've decided to put that project off until the end.

Another idea I've had was to create a standing desk area there. With a platform between the two cab seats I think it could work.


So that's our plan so far. I hope this gives you some ideas for your RV, especially if you have a class C motorhome like ours.

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