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RV Camping In The Off-Season

When winter is not so extreme, we enjoy just getting away in the RV for a long weekend of relaxation to decompress from a busy work week. Just an hour away from our home is beautiful Port Townsend, Washington. Just a hop skip and a jump from Port Townsend are two great coastal State Parks, Fort Flagler and Fort Worden, which are very popular and wonderful to visit year round.

We prefer to visit these spots in the off season when advanced planning is not needed. They are much less crowded at that time and you can usually get a primo spot near the water.

Port Townsend

Fort Flagler State Park

Fort Flagler State Park is a very beautiful spot on the Northern Olympic Peninsula in Washington where until May, we can simply show up without a reservation and claim a spot. Lucky for us, it's only an hour away from where we live. So, after a busy week at work, we headed out to unwind and enjoy a relaxing weekend out near the water.

In the mornings at Fort Flagler we walked the beach and searched for sea glass while taking in our beautiful surroundings. Unfortunately we didn't have much luck collecting sea glass. In the afternoon, while Melissa relaxed in the RV, I took a stroll and explored the park. I traversed my way from one end of the park to the other. My timing must have been just perfect. As I ran along the beach, a para glider appeared on the cliffs above me and flew back and forth above me. I whipped out my GoPro and captured some shots of him.

So don't let winter get you down. Go seek out those places that everybody flocks to in the summer and setup camp. Happy New Year and HAPPY RVing!