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How To Conserve Water While Boondocking

Water, propane and electricity are the essential resources you'll need when remote camping. Of those three, your water supply will be the first to run out. Showering, toilet flushing and dish washing can rapidly drain your water tank if you're not conservation minded. Once out of water, it's usually time to call it quits and find a water spigot.

Here are some water conservation tips:

  1. Install inexpensive water aerators on your faucets and you will use less water without realizing it.
  2. Install a low flow shower head like this one from Oxygenics.
  3. Take short showers. Rinse, shut water off, soap up, rinse, and get out.
  4. Don't let any water go to waste. While waiting for water to warm up before your shower or while washing dishes, collect the cold water into a pitcher or bucket then use it later for flushing the toilet.
  5. While brushing your teeth, don't let the water run.
  6. While doing dishes don't let the water run. Fill a bowl or pot with warm water and use it to wash. Then rinse everything together.
  7. Carry a spare water container to refill your water tank during extended stays. You can also use it to haul water from a nearby water source.

Here are some useful accessories

Low Flow Aerator

Install this aerator on your faucets and use less water. It's that simple. We haven't even noticed any difference in water flow.

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Oxygenics Low Flow Shower Head

We installed one of these in our RV shower, got more water pressure, and used less water. Watch a video about this project.

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6 Gallon Water Carrier

I take this 6 gallon container with me to refill my water tank in case I need it.

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Watch my Refilling Fresh Water Video

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