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The Best Way To Level Your RV - LevelMate

It would be nice if every campsite was perfectly level, but that is simply not the case. So learning to get your RV level is something all RV owners must master regardless of the type of RV.

We recently had the opportunity to try out a device called the LevelMatePRO which, for us has made leveling our RV a cinch. Our RV is not equipped with hydraulic leveling jacks. So for us, leveling is a multi-step process of positioning our Tri-Leveller wedges where we “think” they need to be, then move-check-adjust, move-check-adjust, and repeat until we get the RV “level enough”. With the LevelMatePRO installed in our RV I can instantly see on the mobile app how close to level each wheel is.

One of my favorite uses for the LevelMatePRO is to find level spots simply by driving around a campground or parking lot. This comes in very handy for us when finding a level boondocking spot or overnighting in a parking lot. Simply drive around and watch the level indicators change as you drive through potential spots. There’s no need to get out and check. It’s very handy for this.

Chuck, the owner of LogicBlue (maker of the LevelMatePRO) has told me how amazed and thankful he was to see his product quickly gaining in popularity. So fast, in fact, that he often sells out on Amazon.

I’m telling you this because we learned that he just refilled his supply of LevelMatePRO units on He wanted to make sure that interested RVwithTito and the RVgeeks followers have the opportunity to get one of these popular devices at the same time our videos are released on YouTube.

Now is the time to get one for your RV. If you are interested, consider using this link to purchase, and you’ll be helping to support us as well. 

Purchase a LevelMatePRO on Amazon while supplies last

The Video We Made with the RVgeeks

We got together with our friends the RVgeeks recently to make a video demonstrating how we use the LevelMatePRO to level our class C. Here is some behind-the-scenes footage from that video shoot. We always have a great time when we get together as you can probably tell from the video.

Our behind-the-scenes video was based on footage I had taken while working on this video (below) with Peter and John of the RVgeeks. We've been hearing from Peter and John how cool their LevelMatePRO was so we were super thrilled to try it out on our RV while they filmed us.

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