2014 Seattle RV Show with a Seahawks Vibe

On Saturday I made a run over to Seattle to the annual Seattle RV Show. Just days after an estimated 700,000 Seahawks fans stormed the city, I could still feel the Seahawks fever in the air. Some dealers were even offering Super Bowl specials.

After sleeping in, I took the ferry from Bainbridge Island over to Seattle. It was below freezing outside but a beautiful day. I couldn't resist spending the 30 minute ride outside taking pictures and shooting some video while the rest of the passengers remained inside staying warm.

A look ahead at Seattle and the Cascade Mountains
Looking back at Bainbridge Island and the Olympic Mountains

When I arrived at Centurylink field, I payed my $12 for a ticket and started my journey through the many, many, many RVs, trailers, campers, and RV stuff. There were so many RVs this year in multiple rooms, that I found it very difficult to get my bearings at first. I tossed the show map I was given at the door because I didn't think I'd need it. Turns out I needed it several times. After a while I figured out the lay of the land and started touring rigs...one section at a time.

I also picked a couple seminars to attend. My favorite was the show director himself sharing tips on boondocking. I learned a few things that got me excited to come home and plan a boondocking adventure of my own. I'll have to put some of those tips together in a future post. Keep an eye out for that.

The show organizers promised a "Bigger and Better" show this year and they certainly delivered. I couldn't even see everything. After about five hours I was exhausted. It was time to head back to the ferry before darkness set in.

If you are in the market to buy, I recommend attending an RV show near you. You will be able to comparison shop and tour many RVs under one roof. As a bonus, most dealers offer RV show discount pricing. So save yourself the headache, time and gas driving all over the place to find the right RV for you. Go to an RV show first. You'll enjoy it.

Have you attended an RV show this year? What was your favorite RV?